Lunati voodoo cam specs

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  • In the market for one I've heard the voodoo is a more modern grind than the xe series and that the xe cam set the valves down a little hard thus valve train noise but comp cams are all around well known and been around forever so what's the benefits to each also both are dual pattern cams voodoo 112...
  • Found this description of a Lunati Voodoo cam on Jeg's website: The most awesome "268" cam ever produced! Out-powers all others! Makes un-equaled power to 62200 RPM with proper valve springs. Seriously, do any of you have experience with Voodoo cams? They seem to be as agressive as the Comp XE cams, but Lunati claims they are quieter.
  • SpJYCIoUQUMGnsoOredE. LUNATI Voodoo Hydraulic Roller Cam - BBC 272 Series P/N - 20110711. AWNSG6poOnJsore3MdFC. LUNATI Voodoo Hydraulic Roller Cam - SBC LT1/LT4 P/N - 20080721. Brand New.
  • Great replacement for muscle car cams with auto trans. Stock exhaust manifolds and dual plane intake with mild 4 bbl carb. 4X4 and performance marine cam with dry exhaust. Voodoo Cam Chevrolet Small Block; Lunati's Voodoo series of camshafts delivers more area under the curve than any other series of camshafts.
  • The gurus at Lunati have taken camshaft design to another dimension with profiles never before used on roller cams. Only the best profiles are featured in this line, making your cam selection simple. Lunati Voodoo incorporates thirty years of cam design experience with more recent developments in profiles, geometry, and tolerances to deliver ...
  • Features Of Your New Lunati Voodoo Aluminum Roller Rocker Arms Kit. CNC machined solid aircraft quality aluminum body; Roller Tip for higher lift camshafts; Clearance for valve springs; Available in 1.7 & 1.8 Ratio . Note: Pushrod length will need to be correctly calculated when installing. Your New Voodoo Aluminum Roller Rocker Arms Kit Includes
  • Camshafts CM6202 3 bolt high performance cam, good idle, strong mid range Duration at .050¨ 223°/223° valve lift .566¨/566¨ Will make 450HP in 6.0 with tune
  • Who here is running a Lunati Voodoo cam - 10100702 Specs look good on paper. Supposed to be a torque monster, which is what most of us prefer for street use. This is going in my '70 X with auto and stock 3:15 gear out back. A friend is running a Voodoo in his 429 Ford and dearly loves it. Very street friendly, nice idle. Makes good power and ...
  • Rebuilt 350 after cam break-in and oil changed. Tech specs on the engine below. Will be ditching the street avenger for a double ... Lunati voodoo 268 hyd flat cam. Holley 670 street avenger. 3:73 gears .posi .
  • What is A-Volute? The Windows updater of all things wants to install this. Will it mess up my R6 Omega based system? I've never seen or heard of this. Is it...
  • Lunati® Bootlegger Camshafts are an aggressive new series of cams for hot rodders that play by their own set of rules. The most powerful series of street performance cams ever produced by the Lunati design team, they build on the popular Voodoo® Series, but feature even faster opening rates, a controlled closing and far more area under the lift curve.
  • LUNATI 20540724LK Voodoo LS1 LS2 286/298 Hydraulic Roller Cam & Lifter Kit 3 Bolt Hydraulic Roller Camshaftfor Nitrous / Supercharger Applications. LK Kit Includes: 20540724 Hydraulic Roller Cam (formerly part #60524) 72437-16 Retro Fit High RPM Link Bar Roller Lifters (Set of 16) HYDRAULIC ROLLER: Choppy idle with explosive mid range.
  • LS2/LS3 Lunati Voodoo Crankshaft & Connecting Rods Kit - 4.000" Stroke, 6.125" Connecting H-Beam Rods, 24x Reluctor [70340001K1] $1,289.99
  • Dec 06, 2010 · Lunati Voodoo Hyd Roller Cam - LT1 LT4 282/290. ... Come join the discussion about performance, specs, builds, conversions, swaps, modifications, troubleshooting ...
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Flow accumulation arcpyLunati's Voodoo series of Hydraulic camshafts deliver more area under the curve than any other series of Hydraulic camshafts. This means more throttle response, quicker acceleration, more vacuum, better efficiency, combined with maximum horsepower and torque
Basically, Lunati engineers leveraged design features from the popular Voodoo series, including the fast-open/controlled closing ramp and fat lobe nose, to develop the Bootlegger series. Obviously the primary goal is to make more power than a stock cam without sacrificing necessary street-performance characteristics, such as easy starting.
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  • Dec 28, 2014 · Looking to upgrade my baby voodoo, with one of 2 cams. Voodoo 227/238 .583/.600 112/108 Or GPI ss2 cam, similar 227/240 620/640 ish. Does anyone have this lunati, my little one has done me great! So this is a tuff decision. Also it will determine if I can run the PAC .650 lift behive springs with the ss2 or not, those are the springs I want to run. 401 stock cam specs Cam lobe lift: .286 inch Intake valve timing: Opens :25.57* Closes: 90.75* Exhaust valve timing: Opens: 80.80* Closes: 42.75* Valve overlap: 68.32* Intake duration: 296.32* Exhaust duration: 303.55*
  • ( Brand: LUNATI ), ( Manufacturer Part Number: 70340001K1 ), ( Other Part Number: LUN- 70340001K1 ) LUNATI 70340001K1 Rod Description. Important please be sure to view the notes option for more details if it is available. In stock items can ship from three locations Georgia, Nevada or Ohio. We do not accept Paypal e checks.
  • Lunati's engine was tested on Dynotech's SuperFlow dyno using a generic set of 1 5/8-inch primary tube headers. The best results were obtained with the stock jetting and 38 degrees total timing, where a peak of 343 corrected horsepower at 6250 rpm was observed. The peak torque output of 356.2 lb-ft occurred at 4250 rpm.

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Dec 06, 2010 · Hello, I wanted to know if anybody has experience with Lunati's Voodoo (P/N 60122) cam for the LT1 engine (1994 Corvette). Specs below: Hydraulic roller, lopey idle. Great street machine cam! Likes upgraded intake carburetor and exhaust. Needs 9.5:1 or better compression and 2500 RPM stall speed converter and a 3.42 or better rear gear ratio.
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Shop for Lunati Performance Camshaft 10120700 with confidence at Parts are just part of what we do. Get yours online today and pick up in store. Jun 26, 2012 · Dont go cheap on the lifters. Get the Lunati Micro Trol lifters, much better than the std ones. P/N 71977. You have to run the right springs with the Voodoo cams, they are a very aggressive cam and you have to run the right one or you will have problems no matter what lifter you use
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350, 361, 383, 400, 413, 426 (EXC HEMI), 440 C.I. “B” ENGINE - USE WITH SINGLE BOLT GEAR MC1787 HYD 2 204 214 278 288 .420 .443 107 117 1500-4000 SMOOTH 2011 B. COMMENT: STRONG LOW TO MID RANGE TORQUE AND PULLING POWER.
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302HO/351W Hydraulic Roller Camshaft Specs The camshafts on this page can be used on 302HO and 351W engines that originally were equipped with hydraulic roller camshafts from the factory. These camshafts can also be used with older small block Ford engines with proper link bar lifters.
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I like the specs on the Lunati Voodoo 282/290 hydraulic roller. Anyone run this cam? Does it meet my goals? Is there something else that will be better suited?
  • These cams deliver slam-you-back-in-the-saddle increases in torque, horsepower, rpm and throttle response with absolute reliability. These new cams are perfect for everyday riding or weekend cruising. Lunati Voodoo Cams are available for Harley-Davidson® Big-Twin Evolution® engines, 1984 through 2006.
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  • And yes Lunati is really all that. I spoke with Lunati reps, Comp Cams reps, and Harold Brookshire who designed Comp Cams high energy cams and the Voodoo series cams. Comp Cams actually admitted that they have been having a lot of quality issues with lobes getting wiped out during break-in and 1000 miles after break-in.
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  • - New machines added - Amstrad PC5086, Compaq Deskpro, Samsung SPC-6033P, Samsung SPC-6000A, Intel VS440FX, Gigabyte GA-686BX - New graphics cards added - 3DFX Voodoo Banshee, 3DFX Voodoo 3 2000, 3DFX Voodoo 3 3000, Creative 3D Blaster Banshee, Kasan...
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  • Jul 10, 2009 · Lunati ; Cam: Lifter Type: Pattern: Adv Intake Duration: Adv Exhaust Duration: Int Duration @ .050" Ex Duration @ .050" Int Lift 1.5 Rockers: Ex Lift 1.5 Rockers What is Benny's Original Motor Works? Do you like this video? "Introducing Benny's Original Motor Works, a new customs shop in downtown Strawberry that offers a huge range of lowrider customizations that can turn your classic junker into a high-spec, tricked-out king of the streets.".
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  • Lunati Voodoo 268 Cam in new GM Performance 350 Truck Crate Engine. Nathan Qualls 5.021 views4 year ago. BIG Lunati Voodoo Cam. Cauzin Kaos 25.981 views1 year ago.
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